I am proud to inform you that I have over 800 episodes of Armin Van Buuren hot-rolled show called A State Of Trance (abbreviated ASOT).  We play two to three show every day, see more on schedule.    What is this A State Of Trance? A State of Trance’ is one of the world’s biggest and most popular dance music brands. Built from the ground up since the very first episode of Armin van Buuren’s radio show in 2001, ASOT now entails a globally acclaimed label and a breathtaking event series to boot, […]

The nostalgic retro music is performed by many radio stations, and each has mostly 95% of the same playlists. There are a lot of similar podcasts on the Internet that play exactly the same music. We decided to differ from them, and we added to our playlist other than English songs and retro music in […]

It is very simple, and for that we have created several options for it. The fastest and most convenient way is to do this through the mobile application. Because a mobile is always somewhere around and connected to the Internet. Open your mobile application and select Request A Song, fill in the required boxes and […]


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