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Written by on 2nd November 2018

Our multi-shell and superior music range can be listen through Shoutcast server quality 192 kbps and the Icecast server delivers 128 kbps quality music.

Apart from the ability of our famous music to be found all over the Internet, and the possibilities to listen on our website in different ways, however, we recommend that you get the mobile for our amazingly cool Mobile APP.

Below, we describe a little bit more about the possibilities that cannot be found in other similar mobile app.

The mobile application is accompanied by an exact same Reguest A Song form which is convenient to send anytime to us your favorite song. We play wishsongs every Friday and Saturday afternoon from 18:00. For change, follow our schedule. Follow the comfort of your mobile app or our great website www.retromusic.live

The biggest difference between our application and other similar applications is to add favorite songs to your favorites list and later it listen and watching the song video.

Add your favorite shows to your personal favourite list and anytime if your favorite show starts, you’ll be sent a notification message.

You can easily monitor all the activity of our social channels at the same time.

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